Residential & Office Cleaning - What we offer
Residential & Office Cleaning -
 Top to Bottom Cleaning offers cleaning of each and every room in your home. Your home is treated as if it were our own, nothing is overlooked and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our results.

You can rest assured that with us everything will be kept on top of - as we keep a record of how often things such as baseboards, window sills etc are done in your home.

**As special licenses are required and we are not equipped to do so, we do NOT clean up feces, blood, large amounts of urine (animal or human) If you have a situation that requires this type of cleaning I can refer you to local businesses who can help**

These are some of the services we offer. Contact Jessica for further information on what your specific cleaning schedule will include.

  • Sink cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Tub and/or shower tiles cleaned, disinfected and rinsed
  • Chrome fixtures shined and cleaned
  • Toilet base, rim, inside and outside disinfected and wiped
  • Vanity top cleaned 
  • Inside and front of tub and showers cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Window sills wiped down/vacuumed out (when needed)
  • Trash emptied 
  • Baseboards dusted and/or wiped (when needed)
  • Vacuum/sweep and mop floor
  • Spot wipe walls and switch plates (when needed)
  • Light fixtures cleaned (when needed)
  • Cupboards wiped top to bottom (inside at request for an additional cost)
  • Door and doorhandles cleaned and disinfected

  • Counter tops and back splash cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts washed and wiped - Handles disinfected
  • Sinks scrubbed and disinfected - faucet and around cleaned
  • Floor vacuumed/swept and mopped
  • Outside of appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove top) Inside microwave is always done, at your request inside refrigerator and stove can also be done for an additional $25.00 per appliance.
  • Small appliances wiped
  • Window sills cleaned and vacuumed - Windows washed (when needed)
  • Baseboards dusted or wiped (when needed)
  • Spot wipe walls and switch plates (when needed)
  • Trash emptied
  • Wash or dust table and chairs
  • Light fixtures cleaned (when needed)
  • Inside and on top of cupboards cleaned at request (for an additional cost)
  • appliances pulled out and swept/vacuumed/mopped under (when needed)

Bedrooms And living Areas
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Beds made (sheets changed for an additional cost)
  • All areas dusted – on top, on front and underneath
  • Picture frames dusted
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Window sills cleaned and vacuumed (when needed)
  • Spot wipe walls and switch plates
  • Trash emptied 
  • Baseboards wiped and dusted  (when needed)
  • Lampshades dusted
  • Shelving/Nightstands/Headboards/Dressers and desks cleaned
  • Televisions and computer monitors cleaned
  • Light fixtures cleaned (when needed)

** We do NOT offer laundry services or any service to clean up pet feces, urine, vomit or cat litter at this time **

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