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  As a professional cleaning company, we have gone to great lengths to protect our clients from the hassles that can go along with using a cleaning service. We have done this by doing extensive research on products to ensure nothing in your home is ever damaged. In addition, you can be sure that we won't use a product that will ruin any material in your home. Be sure and protect yourself by ensuring that the cleaning service you use has taken these precautions.

  We have a variety of cleaning products.  If we do not have a specific products you need/want used at your home, we can get it for you...just let us know.

  Top To Bottom Cleaning uses (when requested)  ECP *Eco- Certification program" certified products from our local distributor Swish Maintenance LTD.These products have natural scents (if any) No scents added. Safe for children, pets, and those with chemical sensitivity. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF SWISH ECP PRODUCTS AND THEIR DESCRIPTIONS. If we feel that a stronger product needs to be used for a specific area, we may use one. Please let us know if you prefer us not to.

  Never hesitate to let us know certain products that you DO NOT want used.  

  Another option is to have your products used.  Let us know which products you use on which surface and we will gladly use them.

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